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Plan snapshots arm you with important information (e.g., contributions, distributions, vesting, etc.) about the retirement plans your private clients participate in. Unlike other providers who claim to offer similar services, RLC’s Plan Snapshots contain information taken directly from the official plan documents. To supplement this information, we offer an in depth consultation with one of our Senior ERISA Consultants to help you fully understand the intricacies of the retirement plans your clients participate in – we coach you on how to explore the unique retirement DNA of each participant/prospect client.

This extensive knowledge positions you as the go-to professional for the employees of that company by:

  • Identifying available plan options and choices
  • Assisting clients in making more informed and effective decisions
  • Demonstrating a planning approach to the distribution of assets from qualified plans

Use Plan Snapshots to help gain knowledge and build relationships that can lead to gathering net new assets.

What is a Plan Snapshot?

One of the many business building tools available to you through RLC Direct is access to RLC’s ever-growing, proprietary library of retirement plans. Our Plan Snapshot library currently contains over 7,000 retirement plans representing companies from across the country.

Plan Snapshots provide detailed plan information for 401(k), 403(b), pension, governmental and nonqualified deferred compensation plans for employers across the country, and are a useful tool in your efforts to differentiate and facilitate a thorough retirement income discussion and fair and balanced rollover conversations with clients. RLC’s Plan Snapshots will aid you in understanding the “Retirement DNA” of your private clients and are a key component in holistically supporting you through the complexities of pension, 401(k), 403(b), employer stock and non-qualified deferred compensation decisions.

How do Plan Snapshots help me grow my business?

Many individuals who participate in employer-sponsored retirement plans do not fully understand how they work. They do not understand how to maximize their savings potential using them and they do not understand the options available for distribution when they reach a distribution event (e.g., meeting an in-service distribution).

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Plan Snapshots: Client Testimonials

“I just rolled over $1 million … as a result of your help.Iwouldgive your team a 5+ [out of 5]in support, communication, effort, and speed.”

- Ameriprise Advisor from Massachusetts

“Thank you for your help on my recent client case involving Boeing. With your help, not only was I able to identify a way to help my client contribute more than $18,500 into her 401k plan I was also able to educate her on how that extra contribution (the after-tax) could beused to fund a Roth IRA. This information is invaluable!”

- Independent Advisor from Alabama