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RLC provides educational programs and investment consulting solutions to financial services firms that address the changing needs of the wealth management marketplace. A growing number of investors are shifting from a wealth accumulation phase to a wealth harvesting mindset and lifestyle. This shift necessitates the development of innovative investment strategies and product designs that utilize appropriate asset allocation to meet these changing needs. Issues addressed include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Best Practices for Creating a World Class Defined Contribution Investment Menu
  • Best Practices for Evaluating Lifestyle Investment Solutions
  • The Generational Shift in Managing Client Assets – From Wealth Accumulation into Wealth Harvesting
  • How to Balance Longevity, Investment, and Lifestyle Risks in a Tax Efficient Manner

The investment programs educate financial advisors on the key issues of asset allocation, manager selection and monitoring, as well as tax-efficient investing and harvesting. Each program includes a lecture on the particular issue, a case study to ensure that the attending financial advisors understand the issues discussed in each session, a road map to use in their business development, as well as an open dialogue to discuss any issues regarding the industry. Each section of the program lasts approximately 2.0 hours. The curriculum can be delivered as a full-day, comprehensive course, or broken into multiple sections.


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Investment Strategy Solutions

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