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Public Hearing Set for Fiduciary Proposed Rules

IRS' Publishes Employer Plan News

DOL Releases Proposed Rules for the Definition of Fiduciary

DOL Posts Public Comments on Fiduciary and Target Date Proposed Rules

IRS Employee Plans News

Final Participant Fee Disclosure Rules Released

IRS Releases Retirement Plan and IRA Limits for 2011

IRS Posts January 2011 Employee Plans Newsletter

Summary of the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010

ALERT!  Tax Relief Bill Becomes Law

IRS Issues Fall 2010 Employee Plans Newsletter

Congress Considers Automatic IRA Bills

A Closer Look at Fiduciary Liability

John Carl Named Founding Lecturer for The Retirement Advisor University at UCLA

July 2010 Edition of IRS Employee Plans Newsletter

DOL Releases Final Fee Disclosure Regulations

Reish Reports Small Plan Litigation is Increasing

IRS Employer Plans Newsletter, Spring Edition

DOL Issues Proposed Rules for Retirement Plan and IRA Investment Advice

Final Rules on Employer Stock Diversification in DC Plans

Final Benefit Reduction Notice Rules Issued

Washington Update

RLC Publishes Retirement Guide for Financial Advisors

2010 IRA Limits

2010 Retirement Plan Limits

DOL Supports Strengthening DB Plans

More FAQs for Form 5500, Sch. C

IRS Issues Updated Publications 590 and 560

Voluntary Correction Guidance for Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

DOL Delays Advice Regulations

Retirement planning tips for Baby Boomers

RLC President John Carl One of 401(k)'s Top 40 Most Influential for 2009

Pres. Obama's New Retirement Initiatives

In USA Today, John Carl predicts a "fierce political backlash" if contribution levels fall ...

Plan Sponsor Relief for Mandatory Safe Harbor Contributions

2009 IRA Limits

2009 Retirement Plan Limits

John Carl Comments on Young Investors in US News and World Report

Worker, Retiree and Employer Recovery Act Becomes Law

Final 401(k) Auto Enroll Regulations Released

Fiduciary Adviser Final Regulations

2009 Key 403(b) Compliance Dates

There's Still Time to Make Contributions for Saver's Tax Credit

IRS Grants One-Year Delay for 403(b) Plan Document Requirement

DOL Proposes Extensive Plan Disclosure Rules

IRS Reminder for IRA Charitable Contributions

ERISA 408(b)(2) Disclosure Regulations Affect Financial Advisors of Qualified Plans

DOL Q&As on ERISA Bonding Rules

Beware of "D" Word

IRS Halts Exotic Transfer Scheme Involving Pension Plans

"Fee Talk"--What to Say (and what Not to Say)

Retirement Plan Limitations 2002-2008

Participants May Sue Plan Fiduciaries Following LaRue Ruling

2008 IRA Contribution Limits

403(b) Plans--Who Can Sign on the Dotted Line?

Meeting Plan Participants' Needs--Fiduciary Advisers to the Rescue

Treasury Releases Proposed Regulations for Cash Balance Plans

Alternate Funding Election Deadline Looms for Certain DB Plans

PBGC Announces 2008 Maximum Benefit

Alternate Funding Election Deadline for Certain Defined Benefit Plans Looms

The Modernization of 403(b) Plans:  Mandatory IRS changes Bring Non-ERISA and ERISA Plans Into the 21st Century

PBGC Announces 2008 Maximum Benefit

2008 Plan Limits Announced

Final 403(b) Regulations

Meeting Plan Participants' Needs--Fiduciary Advisers to the Rescue

Prototype Roth IRAs Face Amendments

Overview of 403(b) Regulations

GAO Report on Retiring

PBGC Issues Guidance on Variable Premiums

IRS Grants Six-Month Filing Extension to Virginia Tech Victims

Congress Considers Automatic IRAs

Notice 2007-32 Gives April 2007 Defined Benefit Plan Interest Rates

NE States Tax Filing Extension Includes Delay for 2006 IRA Contributions

IRS Seeks Comments on Age-62 In-Service Distributions From Defined Benefit Plans

April Federal Interest Rates

IRS Releases Highlights of 2006 Tax Changes

IRS Updates Retirement Plan Publication

PBGC Updates Divorce Guidance

Notice 2007-28 Clarifies PPA Deduction Changes

DOL Releases Interim QDRO Rule

2006 Pub. 590, Individual Retirement Arrangements

IRS Posts 403(b) Plan Checklist

IRS Posts 401(k) Checklist for Plan Administrators

IRS Targets Roth IRA Scam and Others

IRS Releases 2006 Education Savings Publication

April 17th is Filing Deadline

Applicable Federal Rates for March 2007

IRS Further Clarifies Nonspouse Beneficiary Rollover

GAO Report Says PBGC Program at "High Risk"

CRS Report on Retirement Savings

IRS Releases Special Edition of Employee Plans News

Final Regulations Include Updated Mortality Tables

IRS Seeks Comments on Defined Benefit Plan Benefits

Updated Form 8606 Released

Tax-filing Deadline is April 17, 2007

February Federal Interest Rates

Special 1/2007 Edition of IRS' Employee Plans News

Notice 2007-7 Offers Guidance on New Plan Distribution Rules

IRS Releases 1/2007 Interest Rates for DB Plans

IRS Seeks Comments on Age 62 In-Service Distributions from DB Plans

RLC President John Carl One of 401(k)'s Top 50 Most Influential

IRS Updates Guidance on Letter Ruling/Determination Letter User Fee Program

DOL Issues Bulletin Explaining Benefit Statement "Good Faith Compliance"

One-Time IRA Transfer Allowed to HSA

IRS Devotes Web Page to PPA-06

DOL Proposes PPA Changes to Form 5500

DOL Seeks Comments on Fiduciary Adviser Computer Model

GAO Says Better Plan Fees Information Needed

IRS Corrects 2006 Form 1099-R Instructions

DOL Posts Comments Received on Qualified Default Investment Options

IRA Compensation Phase-Out Ranges to Change for 2007

PBGC Announces 2007 Flat Rate Premiums

IRS Releases Special Edition of Retirement News for Employers

Chart of Retirement Plan Limits 2000-2007

Final Regulations for Electronic Plan Notices and Elections

Social Security Administration Releases Cost-of-Living Adjustments

IRS Releases Plan Limits for 2007

IRS Releases Applicable Interest Rates for November, 2006

Retirement Challenges in the 21st Century

Women's Retirement Security Act of 2006

IRS Extends Transitional Relief to Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Bill Would Require Employers to Offer Automatic Payroll Deposit IRAs

IRS Clarifies Changes to Indian Tribal Government Pension Plans

DOL Releases Final 2006 Saver Summit Report

FASB Releases Defined Benefit Financial Disclosure Guidance

IRS Notice Explains Qualified Reservist Distributions

DOL Releases Proposed Regulations on Default Investments in Automatic Enrollment Arrangements

IRS Delays Effective Date of 403(b) Plan Regulations

IRS Releases Key 2006 Retirement Plan Reporting Forms

Key Provisions and Opportunities of Pension Reform

The Pension Protection Act of 2006

President Bush Signs Pension Reform Bill

Resolution Remains Out of Reach

PBGC Requires Electronic Filing of Premiums

Proposed Changes to Form 5500

DOL/IRS To Require Electronic Filing of Form 5500

Pension Reform "Very Close"

Final Regulations Address Exclusion of Tax Exempt Employees from 401(k) Testing

PBGC Publishes Its Annual Report

2006 Form 5500 Released

President Renews Commitment to Social Security Reform

PBGC Extends Underfunding Reporting Relief

IRS Updates User Fees

IRS Issues Retirement Plan Limitations for 2006

IRS e-News for Tax Practitioners-Summer 2006
2006 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Updates
Editorial: An Important 403(b) Plan Reminder

Pension Reform Legislative Update