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Outsourced ERISA Consulting

Many organizations seek an outsourced solution for their ERISA consulting needs. The Retirement Learning Center delivers dedicated ERISA technical and sales support through the Retirement Consulting Call Center (the Call Center). The Call Center is a real-time resource for senior managers, wholesalers, advisors, and in-house technical support staff, where experienced consultants offer sales support, technical ERISA help, and retirement and rollover guidance over the phone.

The Call Center offers a broader level of support for retirement industry professionals than other similar services, going beyond providing base-line ERISA information. In addition to the standard coverage of rules and regulations, the Call Center supports the sales aspect of retirement plans as well by helping financial professionals develop consultative sales strategies to effectively win new business and ensure cases are properly underwritten.

The Call Center is staffed by retirement industry veterans who understand the sales and support elements necessary for success in the retirement industry. The scope of the Call Center’s support is unparalleled, and includes, but is not limited to, 401(k), 403(b), 457, nonqualified, governmental, Taft-Hartley, new comparability, and 412(i) plan expertise. The Call Center is available Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm CST.

The Call Center’s Basic Technical Support

The Call Center offers the traditional technical support for basic and advanced technical issues, including

  • plan feasibility and design,
  • rollover and transfer rules,
  • plan establishment,
  • IRS reporting and compliance,
  • deductibility and contribution, and
  • required minimum distributions.

The Call Center’s Advanced Technical Support

The Call Center also provides the more experienced professional with advanced technical support for unique and challenging cases. This support includes

  • controlled group considerations,
  • advanced plan design (e.g., cross-tested, 412(i), etc.)
  • fiduciary issues,
  • prohibited transactions and exemptions, and
  • beneficiary, estate, and legacy issues.

The Call Center’s Basic Sales Support

Helping financial professionals identify sales opportunities and create effect strategies is another service of the Call Center. A practical and actionable three-step approach is employed to assist the professional in uncovering opportunities. The elements of the approach include

  • prospecting for clients,
  • using a consultative sales strategy to engage prospective clients, and
  • posing a succinct, probing question to begin a one-on-one dialogue with the client.

The Call Center’s Advanced Sales Support

For the more experience professionals, the Call Center delves into advanced plan and service strategies. Our consultants help callers sort through the myriad details, identify potential issues, and create a viable approach strategy. For example, the Call Center can help with plan design strategies, product selection and solution implementation, including, but not limited to,

  • service and support analysis,
  • plan document reviews, and
  • fiduciary and trustee service assessments.

Our consultants will also

  • participate in joint calls with advisors and tax and legal professionals,
  • assist with request for proposal (RFP) responses, and
  • evaluate retirement product options.

The Call Center’s Marketing and Lead Generation

With each call, the Call Center gathers and compiles key information on the caller. Following the call, the Call Center will notify the appropriate supervisory team members (through e-mail) of the call, resulting in real-time lead generation. In additional, the Call Center’s consultants will e-mail call notes to the appropriate executive and/or business partner for assessment and/or follow up.

The Call Center’s Metrics and Reporting

The Call Center provides detailed call metrics, identifying call usage by region, channel, and topic. This information is invaluable in developing sales strategies and value-add campaigns within regions.


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