What is a 3(16) plan fiduciary?

2014 09 30 Converting 401(k) after-tax accounts to Roth IRA assets

Advisor considerations for rollover discussions

Fiduciary Responsibility and Share Classes

Insight into IRS' Examinations of Qualified Retirement Plans

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California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Trust

October 1 Safe Harbor 401(k) Adoption Deadline

What is Reasonable Timing for Service Provider Disclosures for New Contracts

Maximum Contribution to Multiple Plans

Passive vs. Active Involvement in a Business and Net Investment Income Tax

Same Sex Marriage and Effect on Retirement Plans

Individual 401(k) Plan

Credit Protection

403(b) Aggregation Rules for Annual Additions

ERISA Fidelity Bond Vs. Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Designated Roth v. Employee After-Tax Contributions

5-Part Investment Advice Fiduciary Test

Net Investment Income Tax and Tax-Favored Retirement Assets

Converting 401(k) plan after-tax accounts to Roth assets

Missed RMD? What's Next?

"Backdoor" Roth IRA

Roth IRA vs. Designated Roth 401(k)

IRS as Creditor

401(k) to Roth IRA Conversion and Withholding

Beneficiary Disclaimer

Which accounts "count" when determining taxability of a Roth IRA conversion?

Retirement plans based on self-employment income

Capital Gains and Qualified 5-Year Gains

President's 2014 Budget Proposal

Asset sale vs. stock sale and plan distributions

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Qualified airline employee rollover

Active participant status in plan and IRA contribution deductibility

Nonspouse beneficiary retirement plan to inherited IRA rollover

403(b) plan document error

New Year's resolution:  Fiduciary process review

Delayed RMD

Deadline for 2012 Roth conversion

Aggregating RMDs

What does "plan permanency" mean?

Relief for Hurrican Sandy victims

Multiple SEP plans

10% penalty exception:  Comparing IRA and plan distributions for repair of a residence

Life insurance proceeds in a qualified plan

December 2 retirement plan notices

Who are the "High 25," and why are they restricted?

Distributions of Employer Stock and Federal Withholding

Mid-Year Changes to 404a-5 Participant Disclosures

California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Trust

DOL Delinquent Filer Program

Tips for Participants on Fee Disclosures

Controlled Group Determinations

Maximum Contribution to Multiple Plans

401(k) Plans and Spousal Consent for Distributions

Governmental Plans and ERISA

Locating Missing Plan Participants

Participant Disclosures for Brokerage Windows

DOL Fiduciary Investigation Guidelines

"Good Faith Compliance" Relief for Fee Disclosure

What is the Impact When DB Plans Shift Benefit Payments to Insurance Company?

Which life expectancy applies for RMDs?

Do the New Participant Disclosure Rules Apply to 403(b) Plans?

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Independent Contractor and Retirement Plans

Make a $12,000 Roth IRA Contribution?

American Airlines' Bankruptcy

Retirement Proposals in the Administration's 2013 Budget

Final, Final (Really) Plan Service Provider Disclosure Rules

Chapter 7 vs. 11 Bankruptcy and the Effects on Retirement Plans

Don't Forget Retirement Plan Tax Credits!

SIMPLE IRA Trustees and Custodians

Beneficiary Audit

RMD Season

Designated Roth vs. Employee After-Tax Contributions

12/02/11 Plan Notices

Terminating a 403(b) Plan

Amending 401(k) for safe harbor design

Underfunded DB Plans and Restricted Payments

Fiduciary Re-Do

To Have or Have Not: An Investment Policy Statment

"20/20" Contribution Limit

Timing for Managing a Plan Merger

Roth IRA vs. Roth  401(k)

Impact of State Same-Sex Marriage Laws on 401(k) Plans

HCE vs Key Employees--Who's Who?

Can Plan Fees Be Paid Using Plan Assets?

When is a 401(k) safe harbor not so safe?

ERISA Fidelity Bond vs. Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Can Sponsor Use 401(k) Assets to Offset Theft by Employee?

Decrease in Stock Value

Automatic Enrollment Plans and QDIAs

Understanding SIMPLE IRA Rollovers and the 2-Year Wait

Roth IRA Rollovers of Airline Bankruptcy Payments

Risky Investments in 401(k) Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts

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April 18, 2011 is the Deadline for What?

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Asset vs.Stock Sale--Which Could Lead a Participant to Consider a Rollover?

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Creditors and Retirement Assets in Nonbankruptcy Cases

Accessing Retirement Plan Information Online

Taxability of a Roth Conversion

What Happens When a Trust is the IRA Beneficiary?

Maximum Contribution to Employee's 401(k) and 457(b) Plans

Employer Stock in a Lump Sum Plan Distribution

The Tax Benefits of IRA Distributions for Charities

401(k) Safe Harbor Notice Timing

401(k)s for Owner-Only Businesses

Aggregating Required Minimum Distributions

Plan Establishment Deadlines

401(k) In-Plan Roth Conversions

SIMPLE IRAs and the Early Withdrawal Penalty

401(k) Salary Deferral Deposit Deadlines

IRA Contribution Deductibility

Roth 401(k) Contribution Eligibility

Exceptions to the Early Withdrawal Penalty

Unique 5-Year Clock for Each Roth IRA Conversion Year

Roth IRA Indirect Rollover

Roth Conversion Income Acceleration Rules

Participant in Multiple Plans

Profit Sharing Contribution Allocation Formulas

Converting 401(k) After-Tax Contributions To Roth IRA

Maximum Contribution to Owner-Only 401(k) Plan

401(k) After-Tax Contribution Limit

Considerations When Naming a Nonspouse IRA Beneficiary

Independent Contractors and Plan Eligibility

Protection of Retirement Plan Assets in Bankruptcy

Plan Coverage in Wake of Company Merger

Conversions and Withholding

To File or Not to File:  Churches and 403(b) Plans

Where Can a Roth IRA Roll?

Under Water 529

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